Why I don’t mind being a ‘Bitch’

The word bitch literally means “female dog,” which really isn’t that insulting, when taken literally.

I personally like dogs, sometimes more than people. At least their intentions are honest and for the most part transparent. So the word bitch really hasn’t offended me yet.

But we throw the word around daily, digressing from the original meaning and adding our own insinuation to it.

These days, to call a woman a bitch can imply that she is not a nice person. Perhaps she’s perceived as too direct or assertive. Maybe she simply goes after what she wants, without apologies?

Calling a man a bitch implies that he is overtly feminine, which is supposed to also be a bad thing.

This one powerful word seems to have all these different meanings.

On the one hand, you’re saying a woman who is a bitch is assertive and dominating and a man who is considered a bitch is more feminine somehow? And the literal meaning of the word is a female dog, which we’ve already determined is honest, loyal and transparent.

So if i look at all these intentions behind the word “bitch”, i am actually kind of on-board with it.

Call me a bitch!

I think women in particular are conditioned to want to be liked and to do that, we need to be a little more pliable.

More pleasant.

I know i have always been someone who has wanted to be seen as “nice” and “not difficult” but i am learning more and more that those qualities actually don’t equate to being liked anyway.


It all comes back to being authentic to yourself and if that means saying “no” and being called a “bitch” for it, then again, call me a bitch.

There’s nothing wrong with having boundaries and sense of self worth.

People who are not willing to self reflect are likely the ones who will dish out negative words to insight a reaction in the person its directed at, in order to garner a response that is more to their liking.


Let’s talk about self reflection for a quick moment.

Being able to self reflect honestly, is the ability to accept ones flaws and strengths equally and accepting ones self. Most of the time the ego is in charge (you know, that voice that never shuts up?) and it is the ego that is telling us the story of who we are.

So when a woman is able to reach a point of self acceptance, she’s empowered and strong. And this is usually when ego driven people will start to throw terms like “bitch” and rude” at her.

I can anecdotally recall a few times where i have told someone the truth, usually based on facts and not on opinion and had such terms thrown at me.

Of-course my initial reaction is self defence.

My ego has been challenged.

But that’s where honest self reflection is the tool most “bitches” need to use. I ask myself if my intentions were motivated by fear or love? Does it matter if this persons reaction wasn’t what i wanted? Does it say more about the other person using negatively associated words than me?

Most of the time i can understand that someones reaction is not a reflection of me.

And so, i choose to be empowered by the term bitch.

I guess i will make it my bitch.


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