Why you will not achieve your new years resolution








My New years resolutions: 

1. Get fit and healthy – lose 5kg

2. Make more time for me and do the things i want

3. Sleep 8 hours a night

4. Go on a holiday

…And the list goes on, but it will often look something like the above list.


So many of us wait until the end of a year to make declarations of magnificent change, yet by February we are already saying “next year.”

There are many memes floating around on social media about how getting rid of this year is going to be amazing and that the new year will be “my year.”

Sadly though, the clocking ticking over and back to one is probably not going to change a damn thing.

Because YOU are still exactly the same as you were on Dec 31st.

Change and success comes from a mind set, not a date on a calendar.

You failed last year with your resolutions, because you didn’t actually commit to the change.

A resolution in this sense is more like a wish without any plan. You hope it comes true, like those extra 5kg you put on over the previous year will miraculously just melt off now that you’ve said you want that to happen on Jan 1st.

Or maybe that holiday you want to go on will plan itself and the money to pay for it will just magically appear without any budget? It could happen right?


I can tell you that gyms in particular love this time of year, because they get dozens of people who “are going to get fit and healthy” come in and they lock them down for 12 months of payments, knowing full well that most will not step foot in the place after a few weeks.

Why do people do this?

Because if they buy a membership, its like saying that they now have committed to a new lifestyle and this will lead to achieving their goal. That’s partially true.

But whats a gym membership without a plan?

It’s like having the key to a house, but then having no idea what’s behind the front door.

Call it what you like, but having the intention to change is a great start, its just not enough.

Change comes from mindset and if you don’t set the steps out, then you will fail.

If you want to get better sleep, then commit to going to bed at the same time every-night and waking up at the same time everyday. If you decide to stay up and play angry birds on your phone until 12am, then you’re making a choice to fail at your goal and ultimately you failed because you didn’t change the way you think about getting sleep.

You can apply this to anything that you want to achieve.

Weight loss can be the easiest thing in the world, but most people won’t commit to changing their view on food or the way they consume it. It often goes like this:

Person: “I want to lose 5kg in 12 weeks”

Practitioner: … Explains the ways this can be achieved

Person: “But i still want to drink alcohol with my friends next weekend and i can’t not have pasta at mums house.”

This is a great example of how most people say they want something, but aren’t willing to let go of the beliefs they have around their habits. Even though these habits are the things that are making them miserable in the first place! So ultimately, they want their current lifestyle more than they want to lose 5kg.

Thus making their resolution a failure before it has even begun.

To truly succeed at any goal, intention or resolution, you have to first challenge the way you think about things, right down to the self talk you have with yourself.

If you say things to yourself like “No, you fatty, you CANNOT have that. You’re disgusting for wanting that piece of cake. Look at yourself, no-one will love you how you are.” You are actually setting an intention of negativity toward yourself and just like a smoker trying to quit being around other smokers, you are telling yourself you’re not good enough to succeed.

And we all get into these negative thoughts, some more than others. And they stop us getting where we want to be.

My members in the gym will tell me they can’t do something that may be physically challenging, yet they haven’t actually tried it. They have told themselves that they’re aren’t capable and therefore have failed before even trying.

So here we are, back at December 31st, telling ourselves that next year will be “our year” with no changes to our mindset and when we fail within the first few weeks, we give up and decide to wait again until next year.

And you will fail again, because you already decided to wait until next year.

There’s no bloody rule that says you can only set resolutions or goals once a year. Once again, you decided that. You can change your mindset whenever YOU want to.

It’s your mind and it starts with telling yourself you can achieve your goals.


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