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Personal Transformations

Personal Transformations was formed by owner and Chief Trainer Keely – a lifelong local to the Western Suburbs, who had worked with clients in the traditional fitness/gym model and wanted to make a change.

“I hear so many of my clients complaining about ‘all the good stuff’ being in the CBD or the other side of the city, and it being too costly. The more investigated, the more I started to see their point. I wanted to invest in quality services in a boutique studio in my own backyard – and I wanted to invest in my clients’ health and fitness goals, close to home.”

We shouldn’t need to travel great distances to find the quality we deserve, so Keely dedicated the last ten years of her life to figuring out an offering she could bring to the West, and improve the options in the health and fitness sector in this quickly expanding area.

Keely feels passionate about offering a personalised service – “I pride myself on practising what I preach and being authentic, when so many other businesses opt to be cold and corporate, I want to keep it real. It’s all too easy to think that a photoshopped image on Instagram is honest and aspirational, but figuring out what works for you and your lifestyle is what’s truly important. I am a small business owner; an ordinary girl – who wants to work with real people on their journey to their own Personal Transformation. Invest in a lifestyle for life – everyone deserves that opportunity.”

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We don’t offer short term solutions or quick fixes – they don’t work.

What we offer is an inclusive environment, full of laughter (and sweat…) that makes you want to come back – the exercise part is less daunting when you’re surrounded by members just like you. We know this because we work with real bodies and real people, who have struggled with anything from addictions to weight loss to losing motivation – and we help them to get back their health and wellbeing.

Your investment in our little studio isn’t taken lightly – we find a way to support you on your journey!

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“Keely is a super talented trainer and a beautiful person inside and out. I have been training and having massages with Keely for about a year now, and LOVE it!!! She always challenges me to my max, and is always pushing me more than I could ever do on my own! Her training sessions are always fun and varied and you never quite know what she has planned next!  At first I was training to prepare for my wedding, but continued with it after as I learned to love the pain but more the results! (lost 3 inches). She makes me laugh during every session and I always leave with a smile on my face! Her advice and knowledge is invaluable and she helps me feel healthy both in body and in mind. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Olivia Luff

“Great range of classes to choose from. Always a great workout with each class being different and can be a bit of laugh at times. Also good to see some other guys coming along and having a crack. Oh and the trainer does an OK job as well.”

Aaron Messenger

“I trained with Keely and survived… Just.  Started the session with all smiles and friendly banter. By the end I was vomiting lactic acid.. and at one point I could barely walk in a straight line – Keely knows just how much you can take and pushes you to that limit whilst keeping your form perfect at all times to prevent injures. She is tough, but a very safe and fantastic trainer. That first session will be one you’ll always remember for those wanting to train different and be challenged. Thanks Keely!”

Abs Din

“I joined Keely and the team in May to begin my transformation. All the staff are lovely and willing to help all the time. They’ve helped me correct my technique and given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to do workouts at home when I can’t attend the gym. All the people that attend the classes with are full encouragement which makes getting along to classes easy and fun.”

Karina Campbell

“Keely’s professionalism and beautiful caring nature shines right throughout the studio. Her team know each client very well so each class no matter who the trainer is feels personalised. The care also goes beyond the class or PT session with nutritional and outside networking contacts making sure her clients get the complete mental and physical care needed.”

Kirsty O'Connor

“Last year, I tried a few of Keely’s barre and yoga classes…I loved it but kept making excuses about finding the time and that I couldn’t make a commitment due to my workload as a teacher and a business owner. I am so happy to have finally made the commitment for my health and wellbeing. Keely and Dan run some amazing classes and are really supportive. In just a month I’ve seen some changes in my body. I even get super excited when I can complete an exercise with precise form which I couldn’t complete the week before. Thanks Keely and Dan!!!”

Eesh Ayesha