How to lose weight after 40 as a woman


Everyday i am lucky enough to be introduced to some pretty amazing women and men who come to me seeking advice about how to enhance their health and fitness. One thing that has begun to

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When you have to retreat


I start crying, like ugly face sobs. I mean i commit with my whole face. My husband said “Why did you book it then?” I reply; “because it wasn’t real then!” The next morning I

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Dear John


I'm standing in the hospital cafeteria and everyone around me is moving by in a blur. Time is moving slower and no-one has noticed that my whole world has just come crashing down around me.

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That time i tried Tantra


The pregame show It’s a sunny afternoon and I am reclining outside on my deck chair over the Summer break and I see a Facebook post about tantric breathing. Of-course I have heard the word

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Toxic masculinity


On the coat tails of what’s currently trending, in no small part due to shaving dynamo Gillette’s new ad campaign “Is the best a man can be”, many people are left wondering what toxic masculinity

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A love letter to the self, from the self


When something explodes in your heart center, the power of that feeling can bring you to your knees. It can’t be labeled good or bad, it just is this pure force running through you. It’s

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Fasting works, diets don’t.


My personal experience with Intermittent fasting As a nutritionist, i would never offer people advice that i have not tried out myself. Over the years, i have heard a lot of different theories and methods that

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Empowered women don’t do this


How my journey has helped me become more aware of the unfair social dynamics that women use against each other and how easily we can stop doing it. Whenever I tune into any sort of

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