Isolation can be tough


July 2019 was the month where I felt like my whole world just stopped, but everything else just kept moving along without me. While I had my world turned upside down by a traumatic

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Dear John


I'm standing in the hospital cafeteria and everyone around me is moving by in a blur. Time is moving slower and no-one has noticed that my whole world has just come crashing down around me.

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We are eating weed killer


We are spraying dangerous chemicals on our food. But can you name even one? Every new health guru is telling us what we should be eating and do you find there is forever a new

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The funny thing about grief


I speak with people on a daily basis who have opened up to me about their journeys through processing experiences they perceived as resulting in grief. No-one ever tells you the same story, but identify

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Why I don’t mind being a ‘Bitch’


The word bitch literally means "female dog," which really isn't that insulting, when taken literally. I personally like dogs, sometimes more than people. At least their intentions are honest and for the most part transparent.

Why I don’t mind being a ‘Bitch’2018-01-22T09:01:08+00:00