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Nutrition goes beyond just what you eat, it is a tool for overall health. And in order for any practitioner to guide you on what best to feed your body, we first need to recognize that there is often more than just what we put in our mouth at play. Often times, hormones are a major culprit in effecting how we lose weight, where we store body fat and are responsible for how we feel. If we have an imbalance within our body, then it can often throw the whole operating system out of whack and no amount of calorie counting or kale smoothies is going to fix it. But all is not as hopeless as it can seem. Your body is a very intelligent organism that will be giving you plenty of signs that its malfunctioning somewhere, we just have to know what they mean.

Many conventional practitioners will try to treat the symptom and not the cause. It can often be treated with medications that don’t address the underlying issues and can generate further deterioration of depleted systems. There are only certain pathology tests that are covered by our health care system and thus why a standard blood test will often be issued by your doctor. If these all come back “within normal range,” no further tests will be ordered. Unfortunately, this can leave a lot questions unanswered and many people frustrated and not sure where to turn next.

That is why we have decided to take the time to delve deeper into the complicated myriad of potential disease causing imbalances and take the guess work right out of it by ordering the correct testing, specific to what your health screen indicates.

Once the cause is identified, treatment can often be very simple and usually quite inexpensive.

Here’s a check-list of potentially concerning health issues. If you answer yes to more than two, then you may qualify for our current discounted hormone profile offer.

→ You cannot lose weight, no matter how much you watch what you eat or exercise

→ You have unexplained weight gain, even though you have not changed your normal eating habits

→ You have issues with your menstrual cycle, including irregularity; heavy or painful periods, fertility issues, peri-menopause and PMS

→ Your skin is breaking out all the time, is oily or excessively dry

→ You’ve noticed a change in your libido or may have a really low libido

→ You find that body fat only accumulates in certain areas and is difficult shift. It may have even changed over the years.

→ You moods are unstable and you can find yourself feeling a little “out of control”

→ Anxiety and depression are reoccurring


This option is designed as a one off process, where you can gain insight into your health and potential issues that may have been over-looked by other health professionals.  Together we will discus with you how to achieve your ultimate goals and any needs specific to you and your life through better diet and nutrition. You will be taken through an extensive health check form to give us a clear snap shot of your signs and symptoms. Once you have considered what direction is best suited for you, we will work together to find the best solution to getting you back on track to your ultimate self! With new direction and motivation now activated within you, once you walk out the door, you will be wanting to get started straight away!

60 mins $150

Hormone and profiling

This program is designed with 3-4 steps in mind.

  1. We will spend time checking your past and current health status. This is considered the initial consult step and is vital to determining step two.
  2. Having completed the intensive health screen process in step one, we are now going to utilise a clinical lab pathologies to diagnose both acute and chronic signs and symptoms. This is ideal in recognize hormonal imbalances, allergies and many other underlying issues that can go untreated for years. Once the correct tests are evaluated, you will be sent either a test kit for salivary swabs in the mail for you to complete and send back or in some cases, a blood test may ordered.
  3. Generally, we will wait 10 days for the results to come back, of which you will be mailed a copy and the practitioner will be able to access your results online. Once all the information is collated, its time to book in for your follow up meeting.
  4. In this follow up, you will now be able to sit down with your practitioner with a clear outline of exactly what is going on. There’s no guess work and a plan of action can now be routed and tailored to you. This can include a multitude of options, depending on your tests and results. What will be considered:
    – Together we will decide how your current diet can be altered to better suit your needs.
    – Possible supplements that will assist in improving health
    – What exercise and training will best suit your hormonal needs
    – If there is any cause for further testing or referrals to other practitioners
    – Potential risk factors and causes of current results and how best to manage them moving forward
  5.  Once the follow up consult has been completed, the person has the option to return for a third follow up session. This will be dependent on the requirements the second session and how the person was feeling as a result of outlined options recommended. A third session will usually be requested about 1 month after initial process.

2 x consults = $300
Additional follow-ups are $120 per consult
All tests are subject to Clinical Labs pricing and will be explained to patient at time of consult. They will have the option to decide if they wish to proceed with pathology testing, but it is recommended.

To find out if you’re eligible, please complete the form below and we will be in contact within the next 48 hours.


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