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Try us in February – FREE!

Personal Transformations believes in putting people first. Our understanding is, that every person is on their own unique health and wellness journey and we welcome want to embrace that!
Our approach is to not only focus on healthy habits and getting fitter, but also to develop a positive mindset to go along with it. We recognise that in order to maintain weight loss and goals, there must be a focus on positive daily practices.
Our coaches and team are incredibly uplifting and inspiring. We are so lucky to have such a welcoming community, comprised of people from all walks of life. We have completely let go of that out-dated concept of competitive gym environments and are working on creating a much more positive health experience.
If you’ve been searching for an alternative avenue to reaching your goals or getting started on a healthy lifestyle, then we would love to hear from you!
To find out if we are the right fit for you, we want to offer you the chance to try us out for a week, FREE!
Simply pick a time on our schedule that you’d like for to meet with us and we will give you a quick phone call to confirm. We like to have a phone chat first, to ensure that both parties can discuss their expectations prior to meeting and ensure a successful experience within Personal Transformations care.

2020 Successful-self program

Every year we start with great intentions and goals, but all too often we struggle to stick to them and the results are usually not quite what we hoped for. What we have discovered is that a goal is essentially destined to failure if it is not backed up with a tangible process to get to the finish line. By entering this program, you’re going to set out your goals, create an easy to achieve step-by-step process to get there and feel like a new person!

Here’s what we have planned for the 8 weeks:

» Mindset coaching
» Free download of our pre-launch accountability e-journal
» Free access to our online members only area of the website
» Access to all our scheduled classes
» One on One consulting and development
» Team coaching
» Free download of one of our calorie controlled, macro balanced eating 40 page e-plans
» Plus a whole bunch more!

We KNOW that to reach your goals, you need more than just a gym and eating eating advice.

We UNDERSTAND what it takes to start something and see it through to the finish. Sometimes it just takes a little extra accountability and mentoring to get it done.

Here’s what we have learned about getting results:

⇒ It must consist of small, easy to accomplish smaller steps.
⇒ Without developing your attitude and mindset, no amount of exercise will help you lose those unwanted kilos or transform.
⇒ When people are starting out, they need extra support and accountability. Once the excitement wears off, the reality of consistency sets in.
⇒ Having a team working alongside you drives motivation and determination to keep going once things get more challenging.
⇒ Once an investment has been made, people are more likely to try and stick to their goals. Free challenges don’t create urgency.

So how are we going to help guide you through-out this 8 week’s?

  • We will first and foremost schedule a one-one-one meeting with a team leader. This is the time we sit down and go over your goals and break it down into smaller steps.
  • We will help guide you into the classes that will be most suited to achieving your goal.
  • We will assign you to a “team” and once a week you will have ZOOM (video call) meetings to discus your progress, challenges and successes through-out the week.
  • We will induct you into a private Facebook group, where you will post your daily accountability.
  • Discounted body composition scans held on the 15th January for accurate starting point
  • Download codes for e-journal and e-diet plan
  • You very own drink eco-friendly drink bottle

Oh and did we mention that we are going to have some Ah-Maz-ing prizes?

1st Prize

2nd prize

3rd prize

Here’s the details you’re probably wondering about:

Start date: 27th January 2020
Finish date: 22nd March 2020

Investment: $630 (Less than $80 per week)
We know this time of the year this could be a big investment, so we can break this total into three installments of $210 or weekly debits of $79.

We are currently taking applications for this challenges, but please understand that we will be selecting the people we believe are willing to take advantage of our offer. This process has been carefully developed and WORKS when people are committed to development with their coaches and teams. It is not designed to be super easy or without work. Nothing worth doing ever is.

We are putting in a lot of our time and committing to YOUR success, so we expect that by entering into this 8-week process, you will take it seriously and participate to the best of your ability. If we find you not honouring your commitment to your team and coach, you will be asked to leave the process.

So please complete the quick form below to apply for this challenge and someone will be in touch very shortly for a preliminary phone call.

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