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Free membership trial

At Personal Transformations, we have been working on a cost effective way for our community to lose unwanted kilos and reclaim their personal power. And we have come up with a FREE membership program, listed below.
→ No more unsustainable diets or intense physical work-outs.
We are going to focus on carving out time for the individual, with quick 45 minute classes, focused with someones busy lifestyle in mind.
Our community is designed to immerse each person in a holistic and flexible experience.
We are here to help our community fall in love with themselves again. It is our goal to reconnect people with themselves.
And it starts today.
To completely experience the benefits of Personal Transformations, we are going to show you with the following:
– Join our community for FREE
– A week of unlimited class access FREE
– Access to our online 40 page eating plans FREE
– Opportunity to qualify for our hormone profiling program FREE
– Induction to our support forums and use of our app FREE
There’s no hidden contracts or fees.
You will receive all the benefits of our full membership and no obligation once you’ve tried our our services… although we do hope to impress you.
The best part is that once you have started your FREE membership, we will offer access to some of the best health, wellness and athletic coaches in the west. Ask as many questions as you might have, as they are going to be giving you some great advice.

If you think you’d like to find a health club that will actually explain how to stick to goals in a realistic way, improve sleep and overall well-being and fits into a realistic price-point, then it’s time to sign-up for a FREE membership.


Winter Transformation Challenge

With the chilly weather, it can be difficult to find (or keep) your motivation to keep your health and fitness on track. So, we put our heads together and came up with a motivational offer to get you through.

What it involves: 

√ 6 weeks of working with your very own coach and trainer 3 x per week
√ Specific program, designed for you and your goals
√ Thorough health check and consult
√ Additional programs that can be followed outside of the gym, anywhere.
√ General nutrition and diet advice

“We figure its the best time to embrace the quieter social calendar and be in great shape come Spring.” 

We’ve kept the cost of this offer ridiculously low too and the term short, so its a quick burst of motivation that will get your results, without the big commitments.

Weekly investment – $105 – which is $35 per session.

Why 3 sessions per week?

Because anything less and you won’t get the quick and amazing results you’re looking for in such a short space of time.

What if I miss a session?

Occasionally, things might pop up and a session might need to be cancelled. We understand. What we would do is look at rescheduling you to another time or day or if that’s not possible, we would then book you into a class that suits your goals and ensures you are sticking to your 3 sessions per week commitment.

Is there any hidden costs or fees?

We can’t be bothered trying to hide anything and assure you that the price and agreement term is exactly as we represent it to be. This is a special offer to boost motivation and introduce you to our wonderful facility and team. You can rest assured that we are going to pull out all the stops to immerse you in our culture and prove why our programs work.

What happens after the 6 weeks is finished?

That’s up to you. Perhaps you will now be striving for new goals or simply want to continue and see your own potential. This will be discussed with you during your initial consult.

What if I come in for my consult and decide i don’t want to take up the offer?

No stress at all. We will be happy to have met you and understand that this may not be the right fit for you.

How do i book my free initial consult?

Just follow the prompts below!